Christmas soprano recorder sheet music

Free soprano recorder scores

Here I have collected my Holiday melodies for soprano recorder. The melodies are free to download and print out in PDF format.

Soprano recorder scores (PDF)

What do I look for when I buy a recorder?

"I think the best bet for a new player is to begin (on soprano or alto) with a top-of-the-line "wood grain" plastic recorder made by Yamaha, Zen-on, or Aulos. Once a player has enough experience to know that they really like playing recorder, I suggest moving on to a high-quality production-line model. If a player is very enthusiastic and committed as a recorder player and is willing to spend more, the next step is a hand-made recorder based on historical instruments." Read more at

Recorder Basics

Now it’s time for the soprano recorder! Learn how to breathe, hold the recorder, and play notes between low C and high D for simple melodies, such as “Hot Cross Buns” and “Au Claire de la lune.” Read more at (PDF)

Why learn to play recorder?

Recorders have a limited range so it works well to play in a group or consort that includes the main members of the recorder family. Recorders are either C instruments or F instruments, depending on what is the lowest note on the recorder. Soprano and tenor recorders are C instruments with the tenor sounding an octave lower. Sopranino, alto, and bass recorders are F instruments. Sopranino is smaller and therefore higher than a soprano recorder. Alto is an octave lower than sopranino; and bass is an octave lower than alto. Read more at

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