Piano sheet music for beginners

Free easy piano scores for beginners

Here you have some very easy piano solo arrangements for beginners. The melodies are popular traditional melodies that are public domain. I have tried to arrange these songs and melodies with just one melody note at a time for your right and left hand to play. The melodies are in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed for free.

Beginner piano scores (PDF)

BPS = Beginner piano solo

Learn to Play Piano by Using Goals

To learn to play piano is similar to many other human activities. There are principles involved that will help you feel confident and also make you feel happy as you travel the road to become the pianist you want to become! How can you learn to play piano by observing the activities in your daily life! Here are a few tips!

Where are you going?
Usually when we are out walking we have a goal with our activity. Even if it is not written down or even conscious we have somehow decided that this is what we want to do for some reason. Depending on what we do we can be certain that we will reap results of what we are doing. If we have the goal to relax and enjoy the environments we will walk in another way than if we want to develop our cardiovascular system.

This principle can be applied on piano playing as well. The reason for playing will affect the accomplished results. You will not learn to play piano well if you do not have this wish and goal in your mind. Let us take an example from your piano sheet music endeavors. If you only want to play for fun you will probably not become a professional piano performer but you will most likely succeed in accomplishing the goal to have fun with the piano.

The art of taking the right bus
If you are waiting for a bus you have probably already decided where to go. This will help you to buy the right ticket and also to know when you have arrived at your destination. Waiting and taking a bus can symbolise the actual work of practicing piano playing. The wish to go somewhere with a bus is your actual desire to learn something on the piano. The wish to take a bus to a place is founded in a belief that this place has something for you. By knowing what you want with your piano playing you will get the power or motivation to do something about it. Finding the right bus starts with knowing where you are going. When you have decided what type of pianist you want to become it will be much easier to set goals and to choose the right type of exercises.

The time of arrival
Before you can definitely decide which bus to take you will have to figure out when you want to arrive at you destination. In piano playing this means that your goals will be much more effective if you set a deadline when you goal is to be accomplished. The goal will be much more meaningful and exciting if you have set a reasonable deadline. It would be a nightmare to travel on a bus without knowing if the ride will take three hours or three days or a week! I would not think that you would ever consider taking such a bus!

The art of buying a ticket
When you know where you are and want to go and the date of arrival you can dare to buy a ticket. In piano playing this means the time when your wish goes from a decision to a commitment. You gain momentum when you dare to make this commitment to yourself and maybe other people. The most important investment in becoming a good pianist is your motivation.

Relax and go to work
When you have decided where you want to go, when you want to arrive, have chosen the right bus and actually have found your seat you can relax and just enjoy your ride and wait. When you learn to play piano you will experience that it is much easier to progress when you have decided what you really want to do. This means that you know where you are now, where to start your progress as a pianist and you do not need to waste energy on wondering what to do!

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