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Thanks for visiting my pages with easy flute solos! All these melodies are public domain melodies or my own compositions and you are free to use them without any obligations. The music scores are uploaded in PDF format which will give you high quality printouts.


Solos without accompaniment with popular melodies like Amazing Grace, Happy Birthday To You, Morning Has Broken, Love Me Tender and El Condor Pasa.

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Popular Christmas carols including Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Joy To The World, O Holy Night, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Angels We Have Heard On High. Printable and downloadable PDF-files.

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Solos with piano accompaniment. Including Canon in D and Rule, Brittania!  You can download these printable scores in PDF-format.

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At Sheet Music Plus you will find copyrighted music that I can not provide on this site. You will find a huge collection of flute scores for beginners and advanced players even in digital format!

Practice Playing Flute - Free Flute Music Helps

By Amy Dampt

Learning to play the flute as well as you'd like to can seem a daunting task. It takes time, effort and sacrifice to start to sound like your favorite flutist. We (or our students) usually begin with lots of enthusiasm which often fades with time as we start to realize that sometimes working at our flute playing does feel a little bit too much like WORK! This article is intended to help you or your students improve at the flute, keep that initial optimism and find long-term enjoyment out of playing the flute.

Practice Makes Perfect
Since we know we have to practice to get good, nailing down a practice time everyday is important. If you know that everyday at 7:00 am, say, right before breakfast, you're going to play your flute for thirty minutes then you can schedule that and make it a habit. It can be wise to have a plan B as well. If you don't make the 7:00 appointment, what time will be your backup time? Sometimes just having it on the calendar makes a big difference. Teachers can enlist parents to help find a time that will work for their young flutists.

If the child and parent both know what time flute practice happens, it will be more likely to happen.

Make Every Moment Count
We all seem to be pressed for time so getting the most out of a practice session is vital. Children like to spend time on the music they like and already know--ok, so do adults. It's more of a challenge to play the new, harder pieces but that's how we improve. Working on the hard stuff first gets it out of the way and gives us a sense of accomplishment. If a piece seems especially difficult, taking it one or two measures at a time may be the best plan of attack. Play through the measure or measures three times slowly. Gradually increase your speed and add another measure. This might seem slow but it's very effective, more than playing through an entire piece three times quickly. Muscle memory will develop and those measures will "stick".

Play What You Love
We're all more motivated when we're playing something we think is beautiful, fun or exciting. Maybe we've heard a recording of it or it's a melody we've always loved. While we can't always play the fun stuff, let's make sure that there's always a musical treat at the end of each practice session in the form of a solo or song that we or our students really want to learn. Duets can also be lots of fun and a reward at each week's lesson. Preparing to play that piece we love for a recital, concert or even a friend can also serve as motivation.

How's Your Flute?
There's nothing more frustrating to a student or teacher than a flute that isn't playing properly. Make sure you are playing with a quality instrument that is in top playing condition. An older flute may have leaks, a loose head cork or other unseen problems that prevent you from playing your best. Have your flute checked out by a professional who can tell you if it's fully functional so you can get the most enjoyment and learning from it. As you do progress, upgrading to a higher quality flute can take you to a whole new level, especially in tone. The more we regularly practice, make our practice sessions count and seriously prepare those pieces of music that we love on a fine instrument, the more long-lasting enjoyment we'll give and receive from playing the flute.

Amy Dampt, flute teacher and advisor. Amy has studied and taught flute for well over 20 years. Her studies include 3 years of study and performance in France near Paris. She enjoys playing, teaching and refurbishing flutes.

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