Free easy clarinet and piano sheet music

Free easy clarinet and piano sheet music

On this page you will find a growing list with easy clarinet melodies with piano accompaniment!

Free easy clarinet and piano sheet music scores (PDF)

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Clarinet History and Sheet Music

By Susan J Davis

Brief History of the Clarinet

The clarinet evolved from a baroque wind instrument named the chalumeau (shall-u-MO). Similar to the wooden recorder, the chalumeau had a mouthpiece with a single reed attached. Around the early 1700's German instrument maker Johann Denner added a few keys and more tone holes to the body of the instrument. This increased the number of notes the instrument could play.

This instrument had a loud and bright sound similar to the trumpet, hence it was named clarinetto, which is the Italian word for little trumpet. Baroque composer Johann Molter wrote six concertos for the clarinetto. These concerti contain writing that mimics trumpet calls and is similar to trumpet concertos of the time.

Through the decades of the 1700's and beyond, additional tone holes and keys were added and the sound quality of the clarinet was greatly improved. As improvements were made to the clarinetto, it eventually evolved into the instrument known as the clarinet. Mozart first heard the clarinet in 1778 and loved the beauty of the tone, comparing it's characteristics and qualities to the human voice.

Orchestral and Solo Music for the Clarinet

The Austrian clarinetist Anton Stadler, who was a clarinetist in the Vienna Court Orchestra (late 1700s), became friends with Mozart. This friendship, along with the beauty of Stadler's tone, inspired Mozart to write his Clarinet Quintet in 1789 and his Clarinet Concerto in 1791. Through the centuries these two works have become some of Mozart's most beloved music. The lyrical melodies in both of these works capture the beautiful singing qualities of the clarinet.

Mozart's use of the clarinet as an orchestral and solo instrument influenced later composers to write for the instrument. The clarinet became a standard instrument used in orchestras. Beethoven and Brahms, following Mozart's example, made extensive use of the clarinet in their symphonies.

Other composers of clarinet solo works during the early 1800's were Carl Stamitz and Louis Spohr. Also well known for his many clarinet works is Carl Maria von Weber. Weber wrote many operatic and choral works, and his solo works for clarinet include many lyrical melodies evoking an operatic, singing style of playing.

Clarinet Music Today

Today the clarinet is predominantly used in symphony orchestras, chamber music, opera orchestras, broadway orchestras, concert bands, military bands, jazz, big band music, New Orleans jazz and dixieland. It is also used in folk music in European and Latin countries, playing a prominent role in klezmer music, Hungarian gypsy music, Bulgarian folk music, and Greek traditional music, Latin America sambas and choros.

Susan J Davis is a professional musician and owner of Ultimate Sheet Music. To find hard copy and digital sheet music for the clarinet, please visit our clarinet page. There you can find music discussed in this article along with music of all styles for the clarinet. Thank you for reading this article and visiting us at and happy music making!

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