Free alto saxophone sheet music

Free alto saxophone sheet music

Here you can see my alto sax pages with scores for beginners and intermediate players. The melodies are public domain and traditional melodies and are free to print out and download. The files are in PDF format for high quality print outs.

Easy alto sax melodies

I have collected a number of popular traditional and public domain melodies on my page free easy alto saxophone with the melodies notated for Eb alto saxophone and with transposed chords for accompanying C instruments including Happy Birthday To You, Fur Elise, Love Me Tender, The Unfinished Symphony and Auld Lang Syne.

Christmas music for alto sax

I have collected the carols and songs for the holiday season on my page Christmas alto sax with arrangements for beginner and intermediate players including O Holy Night, Deck The Hall, Ding Dong Merrily On High, Jingle Bells And Silent Night.

Alto Saxophone For Beginners

By Will Thompson

Many people play the alto saxophone as a matter of occupation playing the instrument professionally and making a living out of it. For some, playing the saxophone may just be a habit or a hobby, a matter of interest that has developed over the years. Whatever may be the reason for one's interest in playing the musical instrument, it is for certain that to be able to play any type of saxophone, one must acquire the skill and techniques necessary. Thus, learning the basics is important. Knowing about alto saxophone playing in a theoretic level may also prove beneficial as it provides for a groundwork in furthering one's interest and knowledge about the instrument. But then again, all these are not sufficient if one really intends to play the saxophone with ease. To develop one's skill and acquire the techniques necessary to be able to practically play the instrument and eventually, play it with ease requires practice. This simply means that one has to start playing the instrument for real.

Since there are different types of saxophones available to enthusiasts in the market, choosing the right saxophone to play is crucial. For beginners, the primary motivation or purpose for purchasing or playing the saxophone is to learn how to play it. The main focus therefore is the acquisition of basic skill and technique, which of course would eventually lead to the acquisition of advanced skill and techniques for a more adept playing of the instrument. In this regard, altos are best recommended to beginners and to those who only have minimal or elementary skill level in playing the saxophone.

The key for alto saxophone is in E flat (or Eb). There are two main reasons as to why they are considered the best instrument for beginners or absolute beginners in saxophone playing. First, most musical and practice pieces are written within the alto range. This means that the range or the key is the same as that of the alto saxophone. Hence, one can use them in playing practice pieces without the added difficulty of adjusting the key or the range of the instrument or of the piece. This further means that people with these saxophones have more opportunity playing the instrument. This allows them more opportunity to practice and more time spent honing one's skill in saxophone playing. If it were for anything, the learning process is actually accelerated and reinforced given the availability of practice materials or musical pieces.

Second, the structure of the saxophone also makes it a good instrument for absolute beginners. The bell of the instrument is located up compared to the other types of saxophone. This means that the person playing the instrument will have a better hearing of the music or sound produced from the saxophone played than the other saxophones which other people may be simultaneously playing. The benefit of this is that the beginner will easily spot some notes which may sound off and therefore he may easily track his mistakes during practice. And the more the person realizes his mistakes, the better opportunity for him to correct himself and practice correctly. Thus for these reasons, alto saxophones are recommended to beginners.

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