Free soprano recorder sheet music

Free soprano recorder sheet music

On this page you will find links to my easy scores for soprano recorder. I have produced all files and they are uploaded in PDF format for high quality results. All uploaded files are my own arrangements of popular public domain melodies and you are free to download, print out and use the music scores for free without any obligations.

Easy scores

Easy melodies for soprano recorder including Amazing Grace, Happy Birthday To You, Fur Elise, Love Me Tender and How Great Thou Art.

Christmas soprano recorder

Christmas carols. Soprano recorder sheets including O Holy Night and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Printable PDF music notes.

Soprano recorder reading tips:

Which recorder should I learn to play first?

Probably the two most common recorder voices that beginners learn to play are soprano and alto; which one you might choose could depend on a number of factors. If you are already a player of another modern wind instrument (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone), you will find the fingering patterns on soprano recorder to be close to those with which you are already familiar. Learning soprano recorder (and then possibly tenor) is most useful if you plan to play Renaissance ensemble music, of which there is a rich literature playable on recorders. Read more at

How to play the recorder

Place the tip of the recorder into your mouth. Remember, you are going to play the recorder, not eat it, so make sure that your teeth are not touching the mouthpiece. If your teeth are touching the mouthpiece, you have the recorder to far into your mouth. Move the recorder outward until only your lips are around the mouthpiece. Read more at

Tips on learning to play the recorder

The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument that was popular as early as the 14th century. It produces a soft, flute-like sound. Compared to other instruments, the recorder is relatively easy to play, making it a great first instrument for kids or novice musicians. They come in many different colors and sizes to fit you. Read more at WikiHow